Helping Your Child Learn to Write

BroadLEARN Early Learning provides your child with a wide range of activities to help them learn to write.

writing development skills in Broadlearn activity booksChildren learn to write by discovery and often create their own strategies for writing. With encouragement, your child create things that they call "writing," even if they have not been taught to spell words or scribble letters.

BroadLEARN Early Learning helps you in providing encouragement to engage in writing activities, especially informal ones, before regular reading, handwriting, and spelling instruction is begun. 

Children "write" by using strategies such as drawing a picture and adding letters, writing shortened versions of words, matching letters to sounds and writing their name and family names. All 'writing' strategies should be encouraged. Our learning program provides fun based exploratory learning for them to see and do when developing their writing skills.

Your child will usually move developmentally from strategy to strategy as they grow in experience and expertise. Lets look at some of the learning activities and paper based worksheets that form part of the writing learning program. 

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