Feedback From Our Families

Annabelle from South Australia said:

Amie loves the way the computer mouse can become a hand or a camera in the Animal Snaps and now has really good coordination. We cant get her away from the computer now.

01 March 2011 08:03pm

Rachael from Tassie said:

There is everything we could want in here – the computer activities, assessment and reporting, plus the colourful workbooks, and the printable activities combined, make this by far the best package for money

18 February 2011 05:06am

Mark and Toni from Camberwell said:

The combination of the online program plus the parent reports means Leelees we can see Leelee is improving her reading and writing while she is having “computer time” at home and also having fun.

22 January 2011 06:48pm

Milly from Cornubia in Brisbane said:

Adam wasn’t interested in reading but the reading pathways beginning with the storyteller have really given him more confidence in trying to read by himself.

03 January 2011 10:30pm

Pippa from Margaret River said:

The progress reports in the assessment unit are of special interest to us – it reaffirms the progress Joshua is making. He is really learning while having great fun.

16 December 2011 06:20pm

Nana Liz from Townsville said:

I am the grandparent of Nellie and have just purchased this package for her for Christmas – she can use it at my house as well as at her home and I can learn with her!

13 December 2011 06:20pm

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