Introduce Your Child to Foreign Language Learning

Learn Chinese, Japanese and Spanish in the International Schoolhouse

Early Childhood research identifies that learning a foreign language can enhance your child's cognitive development. Children who learn a foreign language beginning in early childhood demonstrate certain cognitive advantages over children who do not. International Schoolhouse

Research conducted in Canada with young children shows that those who are bilingual develop the concept at an earlier age.

Studies have shown repeatedly that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind in young children.

Our early childhood teachers developed the International Schoolhouse to introduce foreign languages into our learning program.

The Schoolhouse is located on Adventure Island.

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Early Childhood Foreign Language Learning

When entering the International Schoolhouse, you select the language your wish to learn. The languages include English, Chinese Mandarin and Japanese. In addition, Spanish will be added in the coming weeks.

After selecting your language the Intenational Schoolhouse opens and the learning rooms are showcased.

Inside the International Schoolhouse

Language Learning Activities

The BroadLEARN Early Language activities are group into fours areas:

  1. Language Cinema: 6 animated movies presented in English with foreign language text and voice overs.
  2. Language Flash Cards: a series of Flash cards in English with  foreign language text and voice overs.
  3. Language Gallery: a series of multi-lingual galleries for your child to listen, read and match
  4. Language Library: 6 animated stories presented in English with foreign language text and voice overs.

Download a description of the 19 language learning activities in the International Schoolhouse.

View the video overview of the International Schoolhouse:

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