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BroadLEARN Early Learning - Australia's Most Popular Early Years Software

BroadLEARN™ Early Learning is a multi-award winning early learning literacy and numeracy program, which features over 400 interactive learning and assessment activities. Customised versions have been created for Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, China and Japan. The software includes Spanish, Japanese and Chinese bilingual activities.

Mediasphere, a leading Australian digital publisher, has licensed its award-winning educational software, BroadLEARN, to schools and universities in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, North and South America, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Providing Early Years Learning to over 1,700 Australian Schools and Kindergartens

In Australia, over 1,700 kindergartens, schools and tertiary institutions have licensed BroadLEARN for use in the curriculum and the program is accessed online by 120,000 students in over 9 countries.

Early Childhood Learning Program for Your Classroom

BroadLEARN™ Early Learning provides an extensive library of comprehensive resources to support literacy and numeracy teaching, and learning across the early year's curriculum.

The blended learning programs integrate:Teacher using Broadlearn in the classroom

  • Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Creative Arts
  • Social Domains.

BroadLEARN™ Early Learning grows in dimension with the child. Appropriate visual, interactive and verbal prompts are designed to expand the themes and opportunities whilst leaving the student in control. The program engages the student in creative play, mastery learning, problem solving and conversation.

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